1. No one can foresee ALL market uncertainties:

One of the advantages of the market is that the size of the market makes it difficult for any individual or group to influence price action over the long term.

Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult for traders to predict future price action.

2. People are the factors that make the market move:

Although in recent times robots and automated trading systems, in general, have become popular, people are still the factor that controls the flow of the market.

It is human behavior that is what makes the market move. That is why it becomes more unpredictable than ever. And sometimes, the market does not reflect on its merits based on the available information.

For example, the Non-farm report is positive but the USD is still falling very strongly, the reason is quite simple, that is the market sentiment at that time is very "hungry for risk", when the stimulus packages Fiscal preference has been passed. The potential price response is a mixture of unpredictability.

3. No strategy is profitable under ALL market conditions:

Those who have been trading for a while with the market know that, like human behavior, price action also has patterns that tend to repeat itself on the charts.

EUR / USD can react to Stochastic signals and deliver in a range of 100 pips for days. Likewise, AUD / JPY is likely to drop lower after hitting the 100 SMA.

But what if one pattern ends and the price moves to another?

For example, EUR / USD could suddenly break out of its sideways range and move into a trending state. Stochastic, which can be trusted in a sideways price environment, is now useless while trend trading strategies are starting to make sense again.

Most trading systems only work well in a certain environment, and until the price shifts to another, it becomes useless. The ever-changing trading conditions make traditional technical analysis difficult to trust and often leave us at a loss during certain times. Therefore, we need certain agility to determine which strategy will bring profit.

Just because there is no holy grail does not mean you cannot make a profitable trade. The point is that we must control our risks, accept losses and be satisfied with the profits!

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