1. The pattern should be clear and recognizable

A clear pattern will lead many traders to detect and participate in trading. Thus, the possibility of profit will also be higher.

Ambiguous or difficult to discern setups often fail to attract the attention of other traders.

2. Accumulate over a long period of time

If the market has an accumulating price zone or sideways for a long time, the stronger the price will go after exiting those ranges. Traders who know how to take advantage of this feature will have strategies with a high probability of winning and the RR ratio will also be very good.

3. Strong trend momentum before an accumulation or pullback

This is a feature that few traders notice. Momentum plays an important role in a high probability strategy. Strong momentum will help the trader get a quick profit.

However, a trend with weak momentum is unlikely to move steadily. If we join such trends, there is a high chance of failure.

4. Volume during accumulation or low sideways phase

If during this period there is a large volume of trading, the possibility of a trader's setup is likely to stop loss. So an accumulative price zone with low volume helps traders find high probability trade setups.

5. Low price volatility before the breakout

Before the breakouts, the lower the price volatility is, the stronger the breakout will be, especially coinciding with the time of news.

When the market is pulled about for a long time, as soon as the price breaks out of that zone it will move very strongly. This is also a feature that helps traders to identify quality signals to participate in trading.

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