Combines a bullish candlestick pattern and chart pattern

The bullish candlestick pattern that we will use includes the following 3 models:

  1. Pinbar price increases
  2. Piercing price increases
  3. Engulfing price increases

1. bullish flag pattern with bullish candlestick patterns

See the picture below:

These flag patterns themselves are bullish signals, but when they incorporate more bullish candlestick patterns, it increases the probability of success for the strategy.

The 20 EMA is above the 50 EMA identifying a market in an uptrend. At the same time, the EMA acts as dynamic support in an uptrend, when the flag pattern appears at the EMA, it will increase the upward pressure.

So if you see one of the two bullish candlestick patterns appearing at the bullish flag pattern and formed above the EMA, it's a price action pattern with a high probability of going up.

2. A 2-bottom pattern and a bullish candlestick pattern

An ideal 2-bottom pattern occurs in a downtrend and when the 20 EMA is below the 50 EMA. Ideally, the bullish candlestick pattern breaks the low of the first low and closes above it.

As shown below:

If you combine this price action pattern with a divergence on the stochastic, there is a very high chance that the market will go up.

3. The V-Bottom pattern is combined with a bullish candlestick pattern

With the V-Bottom pattern, you will enter an order when the price breaks the support level that has not been tested before. If the V-Bottom forms midway without testing any support, then you should avoid it as it is likely not to perform well.

As shown below:

Note, one of the bullish candlestick patterns appeared at the bottom of the V-Bottom pattern, broke through the previous bottom, and closed above the previous bottom.

Bearish candlestick patterns combine with bearish chart patterns

Similar to bullish price action patterns, we also have a mix of bearish candlestick and chart patterns.

1. Bearish flag pattern with bearish candlestick patterns

As shown below:

2. A 2-peak pattern in combination with bearish candlestick patterns

As shown below:

3. V-Top pattern with bearish candlestick patterns

As shown below:

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