1- Win rate: What is the percentage of you that have winning orders over the total number of orders? You still have the ability to beat the market with a win rate lower than 50%, provided the total volume of winning orders is greater than the loss.

2- Expected longest losing streak: What is the number of longest losing orders that you can go through when trading with this system? Most systems have to go through a series of 10 consecutive losing orders each year, and can your account survive the current order size and execution method? More importantly, are you emotionally able to go through that string of losers?

3- Amount lost per losing order: dollar amount will be lost per losing position (1R). Can you sleep well when you lose this amount per order? Are you comfortable with this money at risk in an open position?

4- Amount of % on total risk account per order: is also the amount that will be lost per trade, but it is calculated by % account. Risk of 1% or 2% on the account coupled with the calculation of reasonable order size and stop loss will help traders avoid account fire.

5- Profit and loss rate: the rate of the winning amount over the accepted amount lost on each trade. The average rate of 2: 1 or more is good, 3: 1 is better because you can win even with a win rate lower than 50%.

6- Highest account slump rate expectation: The highest percentage your brother's account could lose. This is the number that affects psychology the most. The lower the drawdown, the less stress it can take to regain the lost money. It is very difficult to regain the lost money because you have to earn 25% to return to breakeven after the 20% drawdown. It's best to avoid systems with too high a drawdown (over 30%).

7- Net profit per year: What% are you aiming for net profit per year? The higher the profit target, the greater the risk, and the higher the drawdown that comes with it. Remember that the best money managers in the world have a net return of 20% per year, and individual traders can make a return of 50% -60% per year.

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