Steve Burns is one of the most famous professional traders in the trading world. He is the founder of the blog specializing in trading Newtraderu. This blog page contains a lot of knowledge as well as lessons for traders from the basics to advanced knowledge.

It is not all of a sudden that Steve Burns can become a professional trader. His trading path is not easy either. Through his blog posts, the knowledge he shares can see that he also experienced the difficulties and failures that many other traders have to go through.

To be as successful as it is now, Steve Burns has always had important principles in trading.

1. Trading based on price action shown by the market, absolutely should not trade according to your own thoughts, much less emotional trading, and do not forecast future prices because it is not necessary. necessary and ineffective.

2. Choose to trade in the direction with the least amount of market resistance in your trade frame.

3. Find a trading method that is profitable but needs to match your style.

4. Only start trading on the market, after you have backtested and verified the system or at least have grasped the operation history of this system.

5. Put all necessary parameters and principles of a trading system into a specific sequence plan and how to implement and practice a trading plan.

6. Follow the trading plan that you disciplined.

7. Only participate in transactions with a risk: reward ratio of 1: 3 or more.

8. Never lose more than 1% of your total trading capital on any single transaction.

9. Never lose more than 3% of your total trading capital on any trading day.

10. The risk of risk should be minimized to as low as possible.

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