Level 1: Basic advantage

Like following trends and knowing good risk management. You buy a currency pair, apply risk management principles, and calculate reasonable order size and follow the trend until it reverses. That's an advantage because in the long run, following the trend will make you more money against going against the trend, and the advantage of capital management will keep you from losing too much money on each. losing command, thereby increasing your time and survivability.

This advantage is only at the basic level, helping you to survive in the market without losing too much money in a short time. It still cannot help you earn money, only in existence.

Level 2: Advantage of choosing the right market to trade

With markets like stocks or cryptocurrencies, choosing the right stock or coin to trade is very important. Because there will be stocks that rise sharply, there will be stocks that rise weakly, or do not rise and even decrease. With a good system but do not know how to choose good markets to invest in, the ability to make money is also zero.

With the market also similar, there will be times when many currency pairs just go sideways and brothers in the capital are very inefficient.

Level 3: The ability to choose the time of entry

If you have a set of rules to choose the most favorable market conditions, find the exact position and time to enter your order, you have a much better advantage over other traders.

The above are advantages related to mathematics and quantification, which can be completely controlled if there is a good discipline. Having these 3 advantages will help traders succeed.

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