Level 1: The Beginner

This phase begins when you realize that there is a great way for you to invest in the market. You realize there are ways to make money at home and become rich without having to work full time.

At this stage, you may not be aware of the dangers of Trading nor plan to start learning about Trading. During this stage, you feel full of enthusiasm and want to conquer the world. Also at this stage, you are starting to realize that you can make money based on leverage, the higher the leverage, the greater the profit and you often underestimate all the dangers that Trading with leverage. high yield. This is the stage where about 20-30% of traders give up.

Level 2: The Student

The second level is the period when Traders begin to seriously learn Trade. During this stage, you devour everything related to Trading. You read everything from Trading documents, free ebook shares on forums, buy paper books, or spend money on Trading courses.

You are starting to realize the vastness of knowledge about Trade and the difficulty of not knowing how to synthesize all that knowledge. During this stage, you realize that you need to choose the right trading strategy. This is a strategy that best suits your personality.

You begin to ask yourself questions like: Should I be a Day Trader? Maybe, I will become a long term Trader or Swing Trader. What is the best strategy to fit into my daily work? This is the stage where you are asking yourself - should I trade part-time or should I start trading full time.

This is also the period when traders often leap from one system to another. You feel excited when you realize that a "colleague" of yours or a facebooker has been able to profit from the market. They are more than happy to show you the method and you're glad to try it out right away.

The term risk management or capital management is not in your dictionary at this time. You just want to make a lot of money and make it fast. This is the period where 30-40% of traders give up.

Level 3: Tenbagger Trader

"Ten baggers" is a phrase introduced by famous investor Peter Lynch in one of his books. It is often used to describe an investment that is 10 times more profitable.

This is the stage where Trader has learned to master trading orders and how to keep orders long in the market. Traders are not excited at the moment but cut orders as early as before. This is also the time when Trader started to shine and show off his trading achievements to his friends. You are also starting to think maybe it's time you quit your boring job to work full-time as a Professional Trader. Or you begin to think that you should join working at a certain exchange.

Why do you think I didn't know Trading earlier, if I knew Trade early, maybe I would have been rich earlier? You want to share this with the world by setting up a blog and showcasing your trading style.

All great until you wake up one morning and get a notification that your account is being called by a margin call. You feel this is probably the worst day of your life. And you blame yourself for why this happened.

This is the stage where you realize the importance of risk/trading capital management. You also realize you overestimated the method you were using. There will be 20-30% of traders desperate during this period.

Level 4 - Five Percenters - 5% selected

The 5% figure is just a formality, the number of Traders reaching this stage is probably even lower. Reaching this stage doesn't mean you're the one to never give up. It means that you have learned how to trade and how to survive in the market. Being in the selected few means you have a stronger personality than the rest (not smarter).

At this stage, you know when to make a profit, you know how to stop an order early in a losing trade. You no longer think about Trading in terms of what kind of trading system matters. You become a machine that searches for entry points and calculates the risk-reward very quickly.

Finally, you are no longer afraid to trade. Your work becomes boring and emotionless. You have mastered Trading.

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