Perhaps many people at the time of entering trading, do not wonder what requirements to be a real trader profitable trading in the financial markets. What we were most interested in at that time was probably this industry that can help us make a lot of money, just have computers, can analyze, place a few orders to make a profit. But we do not expect that, behind those simple thoughts is a not simple process.

Traders need research, learning, failure, deduction, practice, ... and many other lessons that cost years to be able to trade profitably in the market.

As a trader, like you to do other jobs, it always has specific requirements of the industry. And these are essential requirements for you to be able to do your job well. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the industry by the market like any other profession.

Here are the requirements for being a trader:

1. You will lose money when you first enter the market. So the hill asks you to be someone who will study and study seriously.

2. To become a trader you need to think like a trader. Understand the existence of risks, take risks, know how to spend money but also know how to make money, and before making a deal, you always have a full assessment of everything.

3. Trade like a businessman, not a gambler. That is, you need to have a strategy, plan, and management of capital before participating in trading.

4. Risk management must be the top priority of the trader. A trader needs to know objective risk assessment and should focus on as low-risk opportunities as possible.

5. Traders must learn to control their own feelings of greed and fear if you really want to stay with the market.

6. In order for the psychology of trading to be stable and profitable in the long term, executed trades need low losses and higher profits and at least traders need to have enough capital to start their work. . Depending on the profit goals and risks that traders limit to balance the trading capital. It is best to start with a capital of 20,000 to 25,000 USD to make a profit. However, you should keep in mind that, you will actually put a certain amount of capital in to make a living by trading once you have good trading skills, good methods, adherence to principles, keeping discipline, and know-how to control psychology.

It can be seen that trading is not easy, these requirements will probably have to trade years to get them. If you know the job requirements of being a trader in advance, would you consider becoming a trader?

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