Imagine you manage a trading fund like driving a warship out to sea to hunt for profits
  • Before going out to sea you need a trading plan.
  • View meteorological indicators
  • Calculate the technical analysis direction, wind direction, where is reasonable (technical analysis)
  • View weather forecast news, lightning waves, and characteristics of that region in that season (fundamental analysis)
  • Check onboard and what to prepare in case of storms or risk management
  • Do not forget to bring your trading journal.
Once you're all set, set sail - set sail - all that's left is to manage psychology and money management until you get to your destination.

What happens while traveling? Just follow what has been prepared to respond, depending on the situation. Reason and consistent.

The most important thing is to know what the problem is and to deal with it boldly to avoid any damage. Accept a change of opinion to preserve capital rather than change your account balance to negative.

In the end, there was bad luck, the boat broke and sank - worry about trying to jump out, find a way to swim to the shore, remember to bring a trading journal to redo your life.

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