1 / The market is always fluctuating up and down, we cannot know for sure what the market will do next, if there is any news that will affect the market immediately, no one will know.

2 / Small investors are many, but do not account for much trading volume, so strong fluctuations tend to be dominated by big investors, such as sharks, large financial institutions, investment funds, state-run market-run organizations, they have so much information, small investors cannot guess what they want.

3 / It is the above things that lead to the misunderstanding of the market reading and the market reaction. The analysis tools, trading methods mostly stop at reading the market, if someone is trying to trade with a certain indicator, the winning rate is still 50%. There are many methods of reading the market such as candlestick pattern, price pattern, price action, RSI MACD ... We cannot help but read the market first to get an overview of the market but that is not enough. need to see the market reaction there, this requires the experience of investors, this leads to most of the new investors fail despite good market reading, don't be too delusional, don't be too confident, trying to exchange experience will be successful.

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