Do you think that everything in life, in this universe, and in the economy or the market, have laws that are not simply intertwined by each other?

Stocks, foreign exchange, commodities, bonds or money trading markets, electronic money etc ... it's just the market segment for investment, like today going to the supermarket tomorrow going to the mall. , and everything grows and deteriorates according to its rules.

In 2008 - 2009, the economic recession was shocked by real estate. 10-11 years ago, it was called ASIA MONEY DISCOUNT started in 07/1997 from Thailand. And now why is the 2019 ECONOMIC DISPATCH caused by Covid-19 coming no sooner or later.

So is it not that economic, political, or policy information doesn't make sense. It has meaning and its effectiveness on the other hand just we understand and misuse the meaning, exactly PTCB is analytical and they explain what causes it when everything HAS. happens so that logic with human socioeconomic factors. The law is the law of nature. The question is whether the Law before or the PTCB is first, the Rule or the PTCB changes the overall situation and affects the market?

Stocks or currencies, etc., either rise or fall in a trend until that trend corrects or ends. In it includes the laws of the easy waves - the difficult wave, the law of the time, the law of the capital city, the law of the Fibonacci numbers, the law of the golden ratio, etc. harmony with each other creates human behavior. Gathering many people, the market was born. These are the things that no books or web pages have told you, it belongs to the things that are not said much in the big US investment funds. But it is interesting that the origin of these laws stems from Asia.

For example, when you use a reversal candle set, it is not always correct, what happens when a reversal candle appears but does not reverse? So when is right when is wrong?

For example the years of crisis, you can see that it was only around 13 years (of course not absolute, but only relativity law exists). 13 is a fibo number, in the West, there is a dark Friday of the 13th. Before 13 there are 8 and 5, for Asia, 8 is a play and 5 is eternal, these numbers are all fibos in existence in law. Try asking why is not another number but they choose these numbers even halfway around the world

SUMMARY The market where everyone is trading is operating and going up and down has its own complex law but it also has a way to understand. When you understand these operating rules, you will know when to increase, when to decrease. If the price increases, the price increases, while the decrease price decreases.

There are two important factors in the market: when and how much!

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