1. Run Now - A big candle in the same direction after a long trend

The first sign of Price Action is when there is a very large candlestick on the chart that is in the opposite direction from a previous long trend. This is a sign that this trend has "stopped" and the other last lump is the one that the rest of the people who have not entered the market have jumped in, no one is sitting outside. When the buyer has bought it all, and who wants to sell has sold it, who is the one who pushes the market forward? Nobody. This leads to a high possibility of a market reversal. This theory is widely popular among technical analysts, called climax (climax). Seeing that the climax candles appear, you should Run Now Partially or all orders, and remember not to enter new orders.

Run Now Go 1 on the daily GBPUSD chart. The previous uptrends are ended after a big candle in the same direction.

Run Now Go 1 in a downtrend. The large bearish candles in the prolonged downtrend marked the end of the momentum.

2. Run Now - A big candle enters support resistance

This Run Now signal is also a big candle, but it's a big candle to enter support or resistance, or some PZP. You just try to imagine like this, the big candle represents a very strong army to attack the stronghold, which is support and resistance areas. When the big army had to pull away to attack the citadel, its job was to pierce the citadel as soon as possible, but if the army is choking on, the food will run out. If you have organized a strong army pull (shown through a big candle) but to the sincerity (support and resistance areas), your breath will be broken, it is likely that the big army will be difficult to penetrate the stronghold. So if there is a big one but new to the support zone - resistance is already "dead garlic" then it is best if we have an order in the same direction as that candle, we should pull the stop loss or take a partial command, or Run Now If you finish the command, then watch breakout and re-enter.

Big candle entering support resistance? Run Now Go

3. False Break - False Break

Another Run Now is a false break. False Break is the phenomenon of price breakout of support or resistance but immediately reversed and returned to the old level, unable to continue in the direction of the break. This shows that the breakout team has been trapped, which can be called a bull trap or beartrap (bearish trap). If you are buying in a break, selling on the breakdown, and encountering a false break it's best to run it.

After the false break price, you should Run Now

4. Run Right Away 4 - An important swing point fracture

One more Move Now signal is when price breaks swing points (reversal points - extreme). Theoretically, an uptrend is formed when there are higher lows and higher highs. The downtrend is the opposite, with lower highs and lower lows. When the price breaks a higher low on an uptrend or a lower high in a downtrend, it's likely a reversal. At this time, if you have a trend-oriented order, you should tighten the stop loss, partially close the order or exit the order. In general, Run Now Go slightly or all.

When Swing Points are broken, traders should consider Run Now

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