1. Stubbornly stay on the Bear side in a bull market. Continuing to short in a strong uptrend not only costs you money as the market continually makes higher highs, but you also miss out on easy profits by merely holding a position or buying the dips.

2. Stubbornly stay on the Bulls in a bear market. If a market is not already in an uptrend or sideways, then it is likely to go down if support is not strong enough. Stop loss will get you out of this downtrend.

3. Risk your entire trading account on one trade. You should never risk your entire account and trading career on a single trade. Security comes from trading small positions, so each trade should make up an extremely small percentage of your account. If you play the "get it all, go zero" style, then you're making a bad choice both financially and mentally. It is also a sign of arrogance, believing that you can predict a future, only, unfortunately, that future doesn't exist.

4. Trade on an account so small that you can't even offset the commission. If you start trading with a low-capital account your chances of success are minimal. You have to have enough capital to manage your risk with different positions and let the commission fee be only a small percentage of your trading capital, that it doesn't matter having them!

5. Trade based on your opinion instead of acting on the chart. The market doesn't care about your opinion at all. Successful traders often use proven systematic processes to trade, rather than trading on their own subjective opinion.

6. Think that some trading guru will have a divine crystal ball and trust their words completely. However, no one will know what the market will do next, so you need to track actual price trends to make a profit, not based on predictions from prophets.

7. Keep repeating the same type of losing trade over and over again and expect profitable results. All trading has to be done inside a quantified system based on past profitability backtest results.

8. Random trading, instead of systems. Trading performed outside the system will be of a random nature only. While it is true that traders should trade on signals that can be repeated over and over again.

9. Trading without advantage. If you don't know what your profitability is, then it's better not to trade.

10. Think trading is an easy way to make money. Trading is actually the hardest way you will ever make money. Hard work takes place even before the actual trading.

11. Make an emotional impact with single trading. You know, as traders, we need to trade like a professional businessman, not like an emotional gambler.

12. Evaluate the possibility of becoming a successful trader only in a certain market environment. You need to have a strategy to lock in profits in a bull market and also have trading strategies for all types of market conditions.


These are just the most basic mistakes a new trader will most likely make. Hopefully, through this article, you will not waste your precious time and effort on these unnecessary mistakes.

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