This is the first reason why you still want to continue trading, these are the people who still hope and hope that their perseverance will one day be rewarded with the wealth brought by the market. try to stay attached to this job.

You think that investment losses are due to mistakes in the system or subjective psychology and think that you need more time to better understand the market to gain more experience before achieving success. . Confidence in the market is still there and you take this as a challenge to overcome before thinking about profits.

This is a good thought that helps us have more motivation towards great things if we learn from our mistakes plus adherence to principles and put discipline first. Your chances of success are still enormous even though losses are still haunting you. Unfortunately, not many people are able to do so and they will gradually shift their thinking to the latter.


At some point, all of us will have a time of market depression. Some people are bored for 6 months, some people are more persistent, one year they want to give up or some people have traded for 3 years, they cannot stand the loss anymore. Psychology at this time also changes, you gradually lose confidence in the market and doubt the success of someone else.

By now you may have wanted to leave the market, no longer want to get rich in this way, but the suffering of money, effort, and time spent in the market is too much and now it's too much to quit. Especially what has to do with money is even harder to get rid of and at this point, your thoughts are: "Now break even I rest immediately!"

This is the thought of many brothers involved in securities investment when they just hope to get back what has been lost and disappear, fear the market. But can anyone leave?

Why is that? Because people are never satisfied with what they have, when they lose money, they only want to break even and then rest, when they break even, they expect to make a little more and then rest, earn less, and expect more. Just like that, this loop ran for endless lengths and many people started switching to the third type.


The investment now is like an addiction, you are madly trading with the purpose of making back the lost money, even though you have previously got it back, but because of greed, you lose it again. In fact, trading is also very addictive if you do not know how to control your emotions, the feeling of money on the account is so addictive so you are constantly on the market day and night.

One day without entering the chart, the price is unbearable or the laptop side sees the market movement as a sign that you are addicted to trading too much. This is not good at all, both exhausted people, and makes psychology more susceptible to fluctuations leading to changes to suit the current situation.

This is a taboo in stock investment, changing your decisions is seen as an act of breaking the initial discipline and the results will not be as expected.


Stock investing is something we've been doing for a while and most importantly, it has become a hard habit to quit.

Leaving the market, ignoring it, is difficult and you can only reduce your trading volume.

Habit is very difficult to break and can only be minimized

Trading now is like spiritual food, it is fun not to put money on the top of the list anymore, but when you have free time to enter orders and then cut the wind with other comrades is fun.

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