There is a stop loss. All consequences come from "not timely withdrawal", including unwanted pregnancy. SL helps us to promptly withdraw, even when we are high and do not want to withdraw.
Change of plan. The market moves according to supply and demand. When there is new data, supply and demand are skewed, prices will move in a strong direction until the balance of supply and demand returns. When the price moves, it creates a new structure, tells a new story, and it is a trader's job to read the story from his subjective point of view. If we still hold on to an old story, an old lover when new data is available, when she has a new love, chances are we are going in the wrong direction or are in a hopeless relationship.

Finding a cause to study is good, but don't put too much weight on it.

Accepting yourself wrong (with stop loss) and adapting to a new situation (changing your plan) can help you a little bit.

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