Helps strengthen immunity

Trading is healthy because it boosts immunity. Clearly, then, trading does much better than that. After the trade is finished, no trader is afraid of horror movies anymore, because they have been too scared by the market.

More specifically, when experiencing stress, the body will experience an adrenaline rush response to help activate the immune system. As an additional note, this immune system cannot protect the body from cholecystitis or burning accounts.

Trading helps burn calories

Many people underestimate the nature of trading work because they only see traders sitting alone in the room and looking down at the screen. In fact, trading burns a lot of calories.

First, when the trader is gouged, the trader is sweaty, his face is gray and there is no blood drop, they probably have to spend about 69 calories somewhere.

It can be seen that the calorie-burning performance in the trading room is much better than in the gym. The only difference is that the gym has a fee of 300k to 500k, and for trading, it is 10 or 100 times higher.

Help reduce stress

Life inherently has too many difficulties leading to stress. Stress is very difficult to eliminate, and many people even turn to drugs to reduce stress.

Entering the trading world, you will soon change this. Throw the burden away and trade, and then you will only focus on making money and forgetting about your troubles.

Increases brain activity

When it comes to health, it's not just muscle health, but mental and brain health as well. There are many ways to improve brain health such as meditation, reading, sightseeing, ... but those are light exercises. If you want a more intense solution, choose to trade.

Trading will put your brain on a roller coaster, the roller coaster that is the chart on the screen. There will be times when you feel like you are lost in a new realm, but don't be happy soon, because it will quickly reverse and go down and be careful if you do not want to faint.

Improved relationship

In addition to the above factors, trading also helps you to improve your social relationships, especially creditors. If you are a lonely trader who only receives SMS messages all day, don't worry! After only a few wrong trades, you will constantly be asked about your creditors' health.

Not only creditors, but you also have a beautiful friendship with the Market. Occasionally, the market will give you a little profit, as bait so that this friendship cannot be divided. But that is sometimes, often, you will be pickpocketed.


This article is entertaining, in fact, trading can bring a lot of stress, especially if you spend too much time in the market. To ensure good health, traders need to know a balance of life. If you encounter too many difficulties in this area, do not be too pessimistic, just step outside to relax and you will soon find a way to solve the problem.

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