Rely on the perfection of your entry point

If the trader is relying on the so-called "perfect entry point" then it is not really okay. Because perfection is the enemy of consistency. Because this perfection will cause traders to ignore many other trading opportunities that traders should be participating. Perfection makes the trader difficult, with the expectation of winning when executing a strategy. At the same time, the expectation of perfection is also working against the ethos of the market. We must be like that.

We cannot find the perfect entry point in trading, but we can find entry points that best match our trading rules. But no matter how good things are, there's always a probability of losing it. This is the so-called lack of perfection in trading.

Imperfect means:
  • Breakout trade, likely to encounter a false break signal
  • Pullback trade, but it's possible that pullback never arrives
  • Trading confirmation may be too late to enter an order
  • Pullback trade but this pullback could be a reversal
Every possibility is possible. So in fact, a smart trader will soon understand this, focus on improving trading skills, understanding the dynamics of the market, improving himself, adjusting psychology, and learning how to manage capital well. instead of just looking for the perfect entry points.

Most professional traders understand the reality of trading without perfection. So professional traders not only do not find these perfect settings, but they see it as useless, time-consuming, and unprofitable, but even makes the trader fall into psychology. Make many wrong decisions if their perfect strategy doesn't go as it should.

In order to become a professional trader, it is necessary to create trading consistency. In order to do this, traders need to find their own trading advantages, be disciplined, respect principles, and trade repetitively with perseverance. Furthermore, traders need to have a long-term vision and always think about possible probabilities during trading and set up more scenarios to be more active in trading.

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