10 ways to reduce mistakes

1, Make the mistakes become clear: that is, you have to know whether you made a mistake or not, where, how the trade becomes. Only journal writing can do this point. After writing, read the diary to see your mistakes;

2, Create a set of rules that work for you: it will be easy to go wrong if the original rules are not suitable for the application. For example, you cannot get up early, but the rule forces you to get up at 4am to enter the command. Remember that trading must fit with your life, not letting your life depend on trading.

3, Build and improve entry processes: the more rigorous the process, the more automatic and detailed the better. Already called the order entry process there must be no confusion or confusion. Process is something you can do again and again day in and day out without question;

4, Do many things automatically: find stocks that are worthy of trading by automatic filters, use moving average to determine the trend instead of using the naked eye, automating the mistakes will be less.

5, Focus on thinking: Lots of mistakes come from thinking mistakes. For example, many traders believe that they have to enter orders continuously to make a lot of money, so they will force them to enter.

6, Checklist - checklist: the airline industry minimizes mistakes in the industry to nearly 0% because they use checklists of things to do before flying;

7, Evaluate a trade after closing the order: is it good? Are you pleased? Can it be improved?

8, Ask others to review the trading diary: that person must also be a good enough trader

9, Use statistics to find mistakes: if your diary has hundreds of trades, you can use statistics to find mistakes.

10, Quality instead of quantity: Only a few trading, but every trading must be quality.

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