When new traders enter the market, they often have great ambitions, they want to change their lives, live a prosperous and comfortable life later, without having to be too hard. The manifestation of this is the greed of always over-trading and the fear of the unstable market.

Lower expectations on the market, ambition is a good thing to help us have the motivation to progress every day, but if too much ambition will make us make many mistakes and success is nowhere to see the only failure ahead. Investing is not a day to day work that can be successful, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to become a professional investor.

Take it seriously, with the investment, if you persevere, you will probably have a comfortable life through investment in the future. 


Many new investors believe that losing money in the market is an unacceptable bad thing. Most people are taught that whoever makes a lot of money means he or she is successful and vice versa so no one wants to lose money in the market. There are two types of people entering the market.
  • One is too negligent with their decisions: These are the people who believe too much in the market, trade in a hurry without discipline because of the desire to make money quickly from the market.
  • Two are too perfectionist: Although they have learned and have enough strength to start using their knowledge to apply in the market, still hesitate to open an official account, they are afraid of failure, afraid of losing money, and panic every time you see a drop in the price of your stock.


There is another problem that newcomers often encounter, even though they already know it is a losing order and instead of cutting losses to preserve their capital, they try to make losses in the hope that the price will reverse and that will become a win order.

Don't try to hold on to a losing order, accept it and learn from your next trading sessions instead of trying to change the situation of making a losing order win. The most important thing is to follow the principle and does not change it under any circumstances, remember discipline is what helps us survive in this market.


Have you ever blamed yourself for breaking your plan and leading to losses? Even though you try not to make this mistake anymore, your mind cannot win over your feelings and you change your rules because it looks like that is probably more reasonable.

Trading is not long enough, not enough to understand a system that is left, searching for the new and a few weeks later looking for the next new thing. This type of investor is very difficult to keep the initial capital, let alone make money from the market.

Remember, there is no perfect system and the "holy grail" is only in legend, but in fact, no one can hold it so don't try to find the perfect thing. Our job is to persistently follow a certain system, set a goal before every transaction, and follow it.

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