XRP is being rejected continuously at 0.6$ zone, the selling force has returned and created a false break. This could start an upcoming downtrend for XRP.

The heading targets are at 0.5$, 0.45$ and even below 0.35$ for the next week.

However, if XRP conquers 0.6$ zone, it will continue to move up to the 0.8$ zone


👉96% PROFIT with spot

👉480% PROFIT with 5x leverage

👉960% PROFIT with 10x leverage


-Buy: 0.5-0.52$ if A.SL B👉❌CANCELLED

-Buy: 0.44-0.46$ if A. SL B👉✅10% PROFIT

-Buy: 0.32-0.34$ if A. SL B

-Sell: 0.6-0.63$. SL A👉✅45% PROFIT

-Sell: 0.5-0.52$ if B. SL A👉✅31% PROFIT

-Sell: 0.44-0.46$ if B. SL A


-Buy: 0.6-0.63$ if A. SL B

-Sell: 0.76-0.8$. SL A


Condition A : "If 8H candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 8H candle closes BELOW this zone"