After bringing us a huge profit from the pump from 0.08$ to 0.23$, XLM has dropped quite a bit but remains in the wide sideways of 0.14-0.23$

Currently, 0.16$ zone is a good support zone when last time it helped XLM rise to nearly 0.21$, so there is still a good buying force. I think this is just a recovery and will gradually decrease to the 0.105$ zone, then increase when at the end of February 2021, USDC will live on the XLM network.


-Buy: 0.155-0.16$.SL B

-Buy: 0.1025-0.1075$. SL B


-Sell: 0.195-0.205$. SL A


-Sell: 0.155-0.16$ if B. SL A

-Buy: 0.195-0.205$ if A. SL B

-Sell: 0.24-0.25$ if B. SL A


Condition A : "If 1D candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 1D candle closes BELOW this zone"

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