In trading, it divided into the analysis, the name sounds a lot, but these converge into 4 ideas that both retail and big boys use.
  • Top: Technical Analysis (TA) technical analysis of patterns and indicators with a high probability of repetition in the market. Technical analysis is a consequence (a subset) of a recent storming method, Price Action.
  • Branch: Price Action (PA) is repetitive cyclical price action, TA is a small part to accurately determine the entry / TP / SL. Price action is still the "result" of the underlying factors affecting the price changes you often see.
  • Body: Sentimental / Common-sense Analysis (SCA) and Intermarket Analysis - (IA) are slightly more interwoven factors of price change.
  • The root part: Fundamental Analysis (FA) is the source of the change in the macro and it affects each factor, each market differently, and creates price changes.

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  • Fundamental Analysis - PTCB: Answer to the question of What (What)
  • Technical Analysis - Technical analysis: The answer to the question When (When)
  • Own-Psychology $ Common-Sense Analysis - Trading Psychology / Market Psychology: The answer to the Who / How / Why / Where question
  • Red zone: Key factors
  • Yellow zone: Extremely important factors.
If you only know when to enter (When) and do not understand what causes (What) and why it affects (Why), then PA TA is no different than holding a blind tool according to luck, that's all.

Because TA or PA is the top, you often think it is easy to mistake. Professional traders specializing in TA or PA really understand what's behind that chart to trade. Instead of drawing a few lines, see the indicators with 3 5 candlestick patterns that can be traded.

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