1. Follow the 2% risk management rule on each trading to avoid losing too much money

Fire protection is always better than fire fighting, you should keep your trading risk at 2% or less. By keeping your risk amounts low, it will be difficult to lose your temper every time a loss occurs.

Although this is a widely known rule, not everyone applies it, because it is not easy to overcome the greed to make a lot of profits in just one transaction. So, the biggest difficulty with the 2% rule is to overcome greed.

You can do a few simple steps below to apply the 2% risk rule on every trade.
  1. Determine your long-term trading goals: If you do not clearly define your long-term goals (at least 6 months to 1 year) then you will find a way to make a lot of profits in the shortest amount of time. In other words, when you don't have long-term goals, you'll switch to automatic short-term goal setting. The shorter your goal is, the more risk you want to take. So, clearly set your long-term goals before you start trading.
  2. Risk awareness is a barrier to reaching your goal: Your long-term goal will never be achieved if you let your risks interfere. If you win $ 1,000 today and lose it tomorrow (or even more) then your long-term goal won't come true. Only when you start trading with small risks will your account balance growth graph really increase.
  3. Low-risk trading from demo accounts: You should not start trading with a real account without lowering your risk thresholds. Instead, you should choose to trade a demo with a 2% risk per trade. If you can keep the discipline of this 2% over the long term, you will do it with real money
2. Get angry on the demo account to avoid losing real money

The frustration of losing money is difficult to suppress, what if you want to release the anger without affecting the balance in your account? Very simple, let's do it with the demo account.
  1. Log out of a real account and log in with a demo account: In anger of losing money, try to exit your real money account and log in to a demo account. This action saves all the poor balance remaining in the real account because you will not vent your anger on them and cause your losses to slide.
  2. Continue trading as usual: Once logged in to the demo account, you can now freely withdraw your anger. You can enter and order with extremely large volumes to "overwhelm" the market. Do this until you feel more comfortable.
  3. Only reopen your real account when you are entirely calm again: Of course you can't always trade the demo forever, but be sure to only trade real money again when you've fully vented onto the demo and done calmly.
3. Take deep breaths to regulate your mood

A very simple way to stay calm when a transaction fails is to take deep breaths.

Taking deep breaths to calm yourself down is actually a small part of meditation. Don't worry, you don't need to sign up for a meditation course, just follow these steps and you'll get results in no time.
  1. Delaying action: When you lose money, your angry energy will cause you to take action, to do something. To stop it, you have to slow down your body and mind. In a more professional way, it is to keep you quiet.
  2. Take slow deep breaths: When you are "calmer", you will begin to breathe deeply and slowly. Now, instead of thinking about the graph, you should focus on your breathing. Is breathing deep enough? Is breathing rhythm steady?
  3. Smile: Your breathing will calm your mind and mind, the negative emotions that make you lose your temper have calmed down until you recreate the positivity with a bright smile.
4. Avoid touching hands or feet by writing down the consequences of your anger

You can "scare" yourself when you are upset about a losing trade by writing down or typing out the possible consequences.
  1. Prepare a pen or paper or open a drafting file: You should have a pen and paper or open the writing medium on your phone or computer to be ready when losses occur.
  2. Imagine the darkest scenarios: In the exasperation of losing money, now with pen and paper in your hand think of the worst scenarios like account fire, the losing streak continues. .. you should list as many scenarios as possible.
  3. Describe these scenarios in great detail: Writing the scripts is not enough, you need to describe them in great detail as burning accounts can burn the money you saved for trading, and you will have to continue working more if you want capital to trade, ...
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