Just going through a period of time with trading, many people will quickly realize, psychology is the main factor that helps traders to trade smoothly and smoothly. At a certain point, traders will very much want to stabilize their psychology so that their trading process is more comfortable, lighter, and more effective. But that is not easy.

During the trading process, it is said that psychology is neat, not only one mentality appears. Emotions and outbursts of action are both manifestations of psychology. It can be said that, when it comes to money, personal interests, and desires, any kind of emotion or action can appear. And trading is one of the professions that reveal these traits of traders.

It is possible that in the same trading, we can handle anxiety, both in a hurry, with greed and fear. Or there are trading that has ended but it leaves us with hatred, annoyance, inhibition, ... But there are also trading that fill us with stress, and there are trading makes us feel lightheaded and excited. and there are trading types that make us feel dumbfounded, lose our hands and end up being light-hearted, .... Various types of traders' psychological reactions to a trade order.

When we have a strong reaction, it shows that our mind is not stable. And one of the responsibilities of the trader is to find a way to stabilize it. This is a requirement for this job. To be successful, we must have a stable mentality.

So out of all the types of psychology, you have experienced, which one do you find the most difficult to control?

Each trader will have different psychological reactions. Partly because of the trading style, partly because the personalities of each person are different, there will be different psychological reactions and the control and adjustment of psychology will also be different.

But we need to know that in trading there are 2 main types of psychology, representing 2 psychological poles, that is greed and fear. From these two types of psychology that traders arose many different types of emotions that caused traders to fall into psychological turmoil. But if we clearly distinguish between fear and greed, the control becomes a bit simpler.

In order to find out what is fear and greed, traders need to find the cause of the emotion. Are you afraid of losses, or you want to make more profits, or you are in a hurry to take profits, or you are stressed out because of the loss, ... when you know the cause is due to fear or greed. then you should focus on how to control that mentality.

Both the mentality of greed and fear is frightening. If you don't know how to control it, the consequences are extremely unpredictable.

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