This is a strategy that is fundamentally the opposite of public opinion. To put it plainly, when the majority think we should sell, then you will determine the setups to buy while if the crowd believes the price will rise, we will also wait for the setups to sell down.

Of course, we will not act in a "rude" way, but on the contrary, everything has a basis, and we will rely on the following four things to implement the strategy:
  • Identify models of Round Peak and Round Bottom (Or possibly Vai-Head-Shoulder)
  • Use the ATR indicator (14) to confirm declining volatility at round top/round bottom!
  • Confirm the false crossover signal of the MA50 and MA20 lines.
  • Place orders waiting to buy/sell at expected breakout points.

Above is what we need to prepare for the strategy, once you have found the pattern above (Similar to head and shoulders or other reversal patterns, but round top/bottom gives probability. higher). In addition, you should also note that these patterns appear a lot on small timeframes such as M5, M15, so it is VERY, VERY SUITABLE FOR YOU TRADING ON THE DAY!

So next, how will we implement this strategy? Very simple, just follow the image below:

Here is a practical example with the pair AUD / JPY:

The first buy order we make when the price breaks the small accumulation zone formed after recovery with 1/3 of the volume at 100.38, the stop loss we placed below the nearest reversal point. The second buy order is to be executed at the center of the distance from the top of the circular bottom pattern to the nearest reversal bottom. And the rest of the order is buying when the price completely breaks the top of the round bottom at 100.78. With this method, we will gradually raise the stop loss each time the price creates a new bottom, we take profits based on an R / R ratio.

Needless to say, we can apply this strategy on the EUR / GBP frame H4 in the past time:

This is a very effective strategy for those who always like to "break the way" and "go against the crowd thinking". And of course, it also works for non-disruptors, as long as you do all of the above for a long enough time!

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