1. Focus: eliminate distractions. After being fired from his own company, Steve Jobs came back then and one of the first decisions he made was to cut projects and leave only four heads. "Do four things and do it excellently," he said.
  • For traders, the elimination of distractions and concentration is an important factor. Concentration allows us to make the right decisions. Focusing on the trading process allows us to learn and improve. And focus allows us to make a more consistent profit.
2. Simplify everything: In today's world, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Optimize resources and take the necessary seriously; not leaving anything redundant.
  • For traders, simplification is extremely necessary, can you imagine throwing a bunch of confusing indicators on the screen? Unnecessary, simply enough.

3. A sense of responsibility: The leader is responsible for the entire process and product quality. That's why Apple always makes products that are completely incompatible with other brands. Jobs thought that was the only way to take full responsibility for each user's process, the flow of experience, activities, and feelings.
  • Always be responsible for your investment - This is the top motto of the trader!

4. If you are falling behind, run ahead: Mac computers don't have a CD recorder, something Microsoft's Windows competitor created long ago. Jobs and the team were determined to regain the lead by launching iTunes - the multi-device storage system that revolutionized the entire music industry.
  • Constantly learning to improve is what a trader needs to do. Improving skills, improving technology, and improving thinking is essential to walking on our path.
5. Put products ahead of profits: The source of every great idea is the idea itself and adds money. "Focus on making a great product, the profits will follow," Steve said.
  • Put the process above profit, improve it day by day - this is a must-have trader idea!
6. Focus on the focus: At one point, Jobs claimed that he felt dependent on product review teams. And then he famously said: "People don't know what they want until you show them." The human mind tends to be immediately linked to previous experiences. If you just stick to the market research, you will just stick around with the same things as the market, which is what people know.
  • Focus on price, and ignore the chaos the market brings!
7. Breaking reality to clear barriers in life: Once Jobs was with Woz (Stephen Gary Wozniak), the co-founder of Apple, and asked him to do the seemingly impossible: "Do you need 6 months to develop that? You can do it in 4 days! ". And Woz did it. This means that any thinking patterns and self-imposed limits are often the biggest obstacles to leaders or inventors.
  • Makeup all the possible scenarios, and prepare for them. The price is going up, and we are making a profit, but what if it falls, and where should we stop loss. The most absurd things can happen, and be prepared for it.
8. Sustainable value: Every smallest detail on a product is the way to communicate and add value or vice versa. In the case of an Apple product, the experience is transmitted from the moment the consumer desires to have the product; packaging, packaging, even typography, and graphic design ultimately stand out as differentiated products and are long-remembered by Microsoft's thousands of faint fonts.
  • Try to aim for long-term results, that is SUSTAINABLE PROFIT, do not give up our trading rules because of the meaningless in the short term!

9. Request the highest excellence possible: Although the concept of perfection that Jobs alluded to literally is difficult to achieve on this level, he guarantees that the products will not come to market until every detail has been checked and passed all. tests and testing needed.

10. Hire the best people: Jobs simply admitted that every project he undertakes wouldn't be successful without a great support team. The key to being a leader is knowing how to find and partner with better people who have more experience in certain areas and let them shine.
  • Learn from the most successful traders