1. The importance of controlling psycho-trading and a good emotional/physical foundation.

Having good control over trading psychology and having a good health / emotional background is one of the factors that are not overlooked by traders but the most important aspect of becoming a successful trader. The mistake is that many traders pay less attention to this aspect but focus too much on the trading system, technical details, and the secrets of "special indicators".

Start by taking care of your physical background and emotional control. This means eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising.

Next, read a few books on trading psychology. There are two famous books, "Trading in the Zone," by Mark Douglas and "The Psychology of Trading," by Brett Steenbarger.

2. The importance of good trading rules to avoid making emotional decisions.

You must have trading rules that are proven to be sustainable over time in the stock market and deliver a successful performance. Why is this important? just because of two words: Human Nature

Without a strong, effective set of rules to follow, especially during periods of high volatility, feelings of fear or greed strongly influence your investment decisions.

3. Determine the size of your trading position (answer how many stocks you buy)

Most traders do not realize or fully understand what money management really is and IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHOOSE THE RIGHT STOCK. THE KEY SHOULD NOT BE ANY CODE, but HOW MUCH QUANTITY PURCHASES.

Winning rates above 60% -65% are just THE FOLLOWS.

It is true that managing risk and determining the number of stocks to buy is practiced correctly, you still make money with a win rate of only 30%.

4. Cash is a position

Unfortunately, 99% of professional traders don't understand this and are always on the market.

Cash is a position, doing nothing good during a crisis or recession.

5. Analyze post-transaction and create new rules. There is not only one right path, but whether it is right for you or not.

6. Never doubt a boom date.

The day of a boom usually comes when the news is pessimistic, and fear will rule you if you don't follow the right principles. The Follow Da Boom Day is a proven tool that confirms the ability of the market to bottom out and start Uptrend.

7. Limiting the Ego

8. Properly understand the health and width of the "leader" stocks.

There is no way to measure general market health by monitoring the price/volume action of the top leading growth stocks. There are tons of indicators out there but today, we find that the correct interpretation of the leader stock's price action and volume is of the utmost importance.

9. Always listen to yourself and do not need to accept advice/tricks (trading tips) from others.

10. Always be optimistic no matter what happens.