1. Spend at least a year to learn how to trade before you decide to put real money into trading.

2. Find trading resources such as online, forums, books, or from traders with practical trading experience so that you have the necessary foundation to study and learn to trade methodically.

3. Learn about the basic technical indicators but very important for the development of trading systems later on such as price action, moving averages, support and resistance, trend, RSI, Stochastic, etc ..

4. Study historical price action charts and find ways to backtest your trading ideas.

5. When you start trading, trade with a small account whose main purpose is so that you can practice trading without letting your emotions or ego get involved and influence your judgment.

6. Fully understand the terms and parameters necessary for you to be aware of the risks and risks in trading and to understand how to protect your account.

7. Build a powerful profitable trading method and more importantly, it is right for you.

8. Don't start trading until you've learned how to plan your trade, how to quantify your entry points, and exit the market.

9. Don't spend your first year trading for a living, your first year goal should be learning how to protect your account and learn how to trade properly. Then think about profits.

10. Love trading is also a factor that helps traders survive in the market. Because it is this love that drives you to continue trading no matter how difficult you are.