1. Review your trading log:

Use them well! Review your trading log and identify the instances where you think you have done well.

Choose your top 10 most profitable trades and take note of the following:
  • Which pairs have you traded? Do you stick to your trading plan?
  • Are you based solely on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of the two?
  • How long have you kept your trading?
In addition to asking yourself these questions, identify other common factors that have helped you win those deals. If you find something in common between transactions, then that is your strength, and do it. In the absence of common ground, it's more than just luck and you need more disciplined trading.

2. List the strengths that you think will benefit trading:

Use the VIA Survey created by the VIA Institute on Character Institute to help people gauge their strengths. Try to identify your top five strengths from the following:

Creativity, curiosity, openness, love to learn, intelligence, bravery, perseverance, integrity, full of vitality, affection, compassion, high IQ, social responsibility, fairness, positive leadership qualities, altruism, humility, caution, self-control, beauty, optimism, humor, spirituality.

3. Ask for others' opinions:

While self-assessment is helpful, we can overlook a few traits that others can easily identify with us. So take the time to ask outside opinions.

Ask colleagues, friends, or other traders what traits you have that make you a good trader.

Listen to them and compare them to your own list. You may be surprised at how others view you.