1. Time

In fact, once you are successful, you may not have much time to spend on trading. A day you can only trade 2-3 hours but still, make money. But that is a matter of the future. To achieve this, you must spend years to get what is needed such as skills, appropriate methods, knowledge, ... And to get these things, a few years is a mean. often. So, don't be in a hurry to make money in these first few years, but understand that you need to trade these few years to get worthy results later.

Time is also the reason why many people give up because they are not patient enough until they are really solid to make money in trading.

2. Effort

It doesn't make sense to spend time without effort. Every trader must put in effort in these first years to research, train himself, hone his knowledge, find the right method, practice battle, ... A lot of things a trader needs. do it yourself.

During these first few years, traders will spend a lot of effort to improve their skills and practice to accumulate trading experience. And it is important that we do this purely for ourselves to understand how to make money properly in the market, not to focus on making money as it can lead the trader to deviate from the original purpose.

3. Money

Of course, it is impossible to get practical experience if the trader refuses to spend money on trading. Only practice on your real money can the lessons be memorable and valuable. Thanks to the real battle with their own money, traders can understand how important psychological pressure and capital management are. Get real combat experience from your own experience. Learn and improve from your failures. Because we put our own money to trade, when we lose money, we will have an attitude of appreciating money.

However, it is not all innocent throwing money to get experience. Paying real money to trade is something you have to do. However, how much money and how do you always have to consider. When you first enter the market start with small sums first, then gradually increase your money as you find your skills more stable. Capital management between small and large accounts will have a very different mentality. And we wanted to be a successful trader, we certainly have to progress, so we can't want to be successful but trade a small account forever.