1. Apply the same set of principles

This is a job that creates consistency and discipline for traders. It will be difficult to make a profit in the long term if we keep changing the principle.

If the principles you've used have worked then it's best to use them over the long term, it is important that you understand how the rule fits into the market conditions. As long as you persist in doing this for a long time, this is your money-making formula.

2. Focus on a certain market

This is also the factor that helps many traders succeed. They are fluent in trading, understand the market they are playing in because they have a focus on certain things, not rampant trading.

When you focus on a market or focus on a stock or currency, day-to-day trading you will understand their characteristics, movement, and price action. Once you are familiar with a market, your trading will be much smoother, and you can say that you are familiar with that market.

3. Use a single method

Yet another repeating factor, but of great importance. One of the things that make traders successful is the method they use to trade.

A method used by traders for many years not only helps traders make the most of themselves, get consistent profits, and more importantly, the trader will be entirely in control of his trading process

4. Manage every trading the same way

If a trader trades a method for many years, following the same trading style, in the same market, the management of trade needs to be in the same way.

In such a long process, traders themselves will learn how to manage transactions case by case. Gradually you will learn the most effective methods and apply them in the long term. A consistent way will yield consistent returns.

4 boring things, using the same method, applying the same trading principle to the same market with the same management of each order, it looks boring but for successful traders not boring at all. Because what makes them money is doing these boring jobs.