1. The market is the greatest teacher

Most traders when entering the real market break out many things. There are knowledge, trading techniques that until we apply it to the market, we really see its advantages and disadvantages, to really see whether it is suitable for us or not.

Many brothers step into the real market to realize how their own abilities are, and it is the market that refines the trader's skills. Help traders adjust their own attitudes and psychology. Of course, not everyone can stay, all the lessons in the market are the same, but if you do, some will give up.

2. Never stop learning

The more successful traders are, the more eager to learn. Maybe this learning is not the purpose to make money, but it is essential for traders. Learning to increase knowledge, understanding more deeply about trading, not necessarily to apply to trading.

3. There is no holy grail

When you have been attached to trading for a while, every trader understands that the holy grail does not exist and it is meaningless to find it.

Trading depends a lot on capital management and psychology, and to do these two well is entirely up to the ability of each person. Therefore, the holy grail will not exist until trading depends heavily on capital management and psychology.

4. Any trader will lose money

Trading probably means that if a trade is profitable, there is also a possibility of loss. Any order to place a transaction will appear these 2 possibilities. No matter how well we analyze it, the probability of loss will always exist.

Only the more experienced traders, the better they understand the market, the better trading psychology, and skills, the lower the probability of loss. That is also why it is difficult for a new trader to get out of the way and lose money.

There are many other valuable lessons in terms of spirit, skills, and attitude that trading brings to each of us. These are 4 lessons that most traders who step into the market for a period of time can learn, understand how to use them to adjust and guide their trading process.