1. Professional traders focus on the process - Amateur traders focus on making money

This is the first characteristic that highlights the professionalism of a trader. Professional traders will not be distracted or wavered if they encounter a losing order. Because what they are controlling is their transactional process.

What they need to achieve is that all their orders have to be consistent, comply with a set of principles of a method, same risk management, same entry criteria. It is possible to have a winning order with a losing order, but as long as they have good control of the process, there will be profits in the long term.

Amateurs are the exact opposite, they care about winning or losing an order, and their mentality is also volatile up and down. They do not focus on disciplining or obeying the principles, but only on how to profit from the order, but that is according to their own logic.

2. Professional Traders cut short losses - Amateur traders have a hole

This second feature is easy to spot, isn't it? For amateurs, often run into a situation where they lose more and less. It is because they are rude. And most of the hole stems from the fear of loss, not accepting yourself wrong. And this type of psychology only exists in amateur traders.

But professional traders, on the other hand, trade very gently, stop loss short, they will withdraw from the market early if they see no opportunity to make money. In order to do this, in addition to having a good method and having to keep the principles, traders also need to know how to evaluate the quality of a trading setup. This helps them to participate in low-risk transactions but with huge potential for profit.

3. Professional traders for profit growth - Amateur traders take profits early

Another feature to distinguish amateur and professional traders.

Amateurs often take profits very soon. This psychology of low closing is formed because they lose too much from previous profitable orders, so when they are profitable, they often tend to close early because they fear that if they wait long, the profits will not only make money. but also at a loss. However, it is this type of thinking that keeps amateurs from progressing.

Professional traders, they are always looking for ways to maximize profits. In order to do this, traders need to have methodical beliefs and their own decisions, strategies to increase profits, and it is important to understand the correct context analysis.

4. Professional Trader works based on mindset - Amateurs work on feelings

This is also a big difference. Professional traders always orient their correct thinking in trading and work on it. While amateur traders are based on their own feelings. Even though they have a trading method, many amateur traders still trade based on feelings.

5. Professional traders learn from mistakes - Amateur traders do not accept mistakes

What makes traders become more mature is that they accept their mistakes and learn from them. If you are aware of these things, your trading thinking is showing a good chance. The ability to enter the professional trading world is entirely possible. On the contrary, if you do not understand and are not aware of these things, you will forever be an amateur trader. You refuse to learn from mistakes, that is, you refuse to grow, refuse profits.