1. Price goes too far from MA 200

As you can see, the price falls sharply compared to MA 200. And one of the characteristics of the price is that it often returns to the moving average if it moves too far. In such cases, the market often forms a deep rally or even a trend reversal. The momentum of the previous trend will now significantly decrease.

2. The biggest momentum in a trend

Usually, the longer a trend is formed, if at the end of the trend the momentum suddenly increases, and has the greatest volume in the whole trend, it is a sign that the trend is drying up. As shown below:

3. Create a new high or low with low volume

If the market continues its trend, the new bottom usually formed will have good volume. But if the market forms a new bottom with weak volume, there is a very high possibility that the momentum of the trend will weaken a lot. One of the ways to determine this is signal divergence:

4. Reversal candlestick on frame W1

This signal is easy to recognize, but many traders rarely use it. The larger the reversal candlestick patterns appear on the larger timeframes, the more valuable it will be. Especially when they appear at key resistance support. For example, as shown below:

5. Increase or decrease continuously for 7 or more days

This is another sign that the price is slowly losing momentum. When the market goes up or down continuously in this much, usually a rally is usually followed. This causes the trend to lose momentum and weaken. See the picture below: