There are many types of fear such as fear of entering orders, fear of not being able to take profits, fear of taking a loss, ... and even other unnamed fears that arise that the trader cannot control. A lot of traders have struggled for a long time to get out of this state of mind.

How to deal with fear in trading

In fact, all of our fear stems from the fact that we do not have a full understanding of trading. The purpose of a trader is to make a profit, but not to make a profit, that any transaction must be profitable.

The essence of the market is a probability, that is, if you win, you have to lose. Traders should accept the fact that any trading order we execute is likely to lose. Understanding this, the fear of fear will be lessened.

But in order for psychology not to become a concern for traders, traders only need to grasp the following important things:
  • Accept that you will be wrong and have to accept stop loss
  • Always stick to the plan and follow the trading principles
  • Full capital management
  • Be confident in the strategies and methods you use
  • There will be times when a trader loses because of the probability that, despite adhering to the principle of the method, there is no need to worry because the trader makes the profit based on the advantage in the long term.

Once we understand all of this, then we will see fear as redundant in trading. It will only make things more difficult to do. So if you want to get rid of your fear or other psychological states in trading, you should focus only on the important things, the things that are necessary for optimal performance.