1. Focus on a few stocks or certain currency pairs

Each product or market has its own characteristics, if we want to trade profitably we should focus on a few currency pairs or certain symbols. Although few, we can understand their characteristics, price fluctuations and know how to trade accordingly.

Focusing on what we understand well, transaction management will be a lot easier. Since then, transaction performance is improved, profits also increase.

2. Don't trade too much but focus on the quality of each trading

Many traders believe that if you trade a lot, you can make a lot of profits. But they have overlooked the important thing that, trading a lot means you are also at great risk.
The longer you trade, the more you will understand that more transactions will not equal quality deals. There will be few quality deals, but the success rate is higher and your job is just patiently waiting.

3. Stricter entry criteria

Agree that no strategy will win or be perfect, but that doesn't mean we have easy conditions for a single entry point.

Their entry criteria should be strict, consistent with the market methods and conditions, and help us filter out a lot of noise signals and improve order quality. Profits from that will also change. However, you need to be a bit persistent in the trading

4. Maximize profit if there is a chance

This is something that few traders do, while this is something that helps traders achieve significant profits.
There are many good strategies but the result traders can only achieve profit at a ratio of 1: 2, 1: 3, ... In fact, if the trader understands the stop-loss technique, then it is in fact. the profit earned on a trade order is much higher.

5. Start all positions with small volume

A lot of traders lose or lose their profits because of the large trading volume. When it loses, it causes the trader to suffer great losses, erasing the previously earned profits.

So, starting from a small position helps traders feel confident mentally while managing transactions is also very easy. When these factors are warranted, the strategy you execute will also be effective.