1. Always wait patiently for the ideal trading setup: These are the settings that meet the conditions according to the trading method and style of the trader.

2. Always training every day: Even though a trader is professional, they are always training how to operate the method, training psychology, ... The necessary things for them to make a profit.

3. Only trade based on their advantage: Professional traders always know their advantages, they understand which market, which signals are ideal for them to make a profit.

4. Adjusting to market conditions: Markets are always changing, if traders keep keeping only one way of trading, they are afraid that they will soon lose money because the method is not suitable when market conditions change. So a trader will know how to trade when market conditions change. And they understand that there will be times when they need to stay out of the market to avoid risks.

5. Always manage risk: This is a must for professional traders. They understand the importance of risk management, so it is a top priority for professional traders.

6. Planning before trading: Because of having a plan, they adhere to the principles, keep discipline, stabilize the mentality, and especially the transaction management in the whole process becomes very smooth. shall. It can be said that planning is essential that any trader should do.

7. Realistic Expectations: One of the reasons that our traders often lose money is that there are unrealistic expectations. Traders need to rely on financial capabilities, market characteristics, and trading methods to determine reasonable expectations.

8. Have a formal trading process: During the trading process, amateurs are easily confused because they do not have a trading process. The trading process helps traders understand what they need to do first, what they should do first, what to focus on, and what to prioritize. When there is a methodical process, traders will not be confused in the analysis and complicating matters.