Cash flow has been pouring into CELO quite strongly since the beginning of 2021 and CELO is almost ready for a new rally as it continuously keeps its price when approaching the moving average line MA50.

We can expect a strong pump like the beginning of the year


👉183% PROFIT with spot


-Buy: 2.8-2.9$. SL B👉✅108%


-Sell: 3.3-3.4$. SL A👉✅10%

-Sell: 3.6-3.7$. SL A👉✅65%

-Sell: 4.4-4.6$. SL A

-Sell: 5.0-5.2$. SL A


-Sell: 2.8-2.9$ if B. SL A

-Buy: 2.4-2.5$. SL B


Condition A : "If 4H candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 4H candle closes BELOW this zone"

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