Who are miserable people? Those are other small investors like the majority of brothers in the forum. Being poor, we have to fight each other to compete for profits, some people eat, some lose, maybe all of them have money to bring back. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you must first win the majority of the first, you have to win the small investors out there to have a voice before thinking about bigger battles.

Identify the small investors who we have to face, if you can beat them, you can make a profit from the market. Do not give in to an opponent whether it is a friend or a friend because whoever determines to participate in the market accepts the risks that it carries strange.

Retail investors are the biggest losers in the stock market

Remember in the market there is only one strong person that wins, there is no concession here, if you hesitate you will lose all your money. In addition, these are very formidable opponents, there are a lot of people out there who are better than me and are willing to pick us up at any time so please prepare well before going to the match so that you will not be eliminated in the first round vehicle.


This seems to be a disproportionate war, just like Vietnam fighting with Brazil, just like fighting eggs. Although we really want you to be able to defeat this "final boss", we must accept the fact that we are not qualified enough to go to the final stage, let alone defeat this giant boss.

They are large capital investment funds, bringing together the best investors and analysts not only domestically but also abroad. They are "sharks" that can drive the price of certain stocks they want and trap small investors like us to make a profit.

When we buy, they sell and vice versa, we are like a lamb in the hands of an old wolf and just cleverly set a trap to make a bunch of blood-stained brothers and sisters. It's best to avoid being trapped by us, but we guys with limited strength cannot weigh the World alone like Marvel's superhero movies.


The enemy, just waiting for me to take a sniper at once was not good. Fraudulent securities companies and unscrupulous brokers sell to ignorant people junk stocks, which may be poor people using their savings and trusting brokers but regret their beliefs. Misplaced makes them look pitiful.

Or stock companies lure newcomers into opening accounts and make all kinds of promises about a bright future, and the more money they put in, the more they make. There are enough other tricks that securities companies secretly harm investors that make them fall into a dead end, so you must be careful before brokers or unknown securities companies.

The crew shouted, indispensable specialties when participating in the stock market
There is also a force that we have to fight, which is that the crew always shouting that buying this stock is sure to make money, whichever company is doing well, but in fact, when we buy, they sell and by the time we realize we swing, it's too late.


We are not just fighting with other competitors, but each investor himself has to struggle with his own thinking every day. There are many ideas in mind, which one should your choose, which is the right one? Dare to face and win with yourself is the decisive success or failure of an investor, do we have enough perseverance, hard work, and discipline before attractive temptations other than life?