DENT is in pretty bad situation when in this January it can fall pretty deep, possibly as low as 0.00012$. It is not advisable to hold DENT at this point.

Only when the DENT rises again and conquers 0.00024$ zone, it will be possible to rise again.


👉80% PROFIT with spot


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-Buy: 0.00018-0.00019$. SL if B

-Buy: 0.00014-0.00015$. SL if B

-Buy: 0.00011-0.00012$. SL if B


-Sell: 0.00018-0.00019$ if B. SL if A

-Sell: 0.00014-0.00015$ if B. SL if A

-Sell: 0.00011-0.00012$ if B. SL if A


-Buy: 0.00023-0.00024$ if A. SL if B👉✅80% PROFIT


Condition A : "If 1D candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 1D candle closes BELOW this zone"

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