1. The reason lies in yourself!

There are many factors that affect your lack of discipline. And here are some of the main reasons:
  • Because your background, knowledge, and experience with the market are not enough, it can make it difficult for you to control your actions, leading to impulsive decisions.
  • Impulsiveness is already in our blood, making it difficult to concentrate, it is easy to get bored and want to find strong feelings to relieve.
  • For some people, impulsiveness comes from an emotional weakness. Some people have difficulty controlling their emotions, and disappointment causes them to react impulsively.
When traders encounter losses, they become too distressed, which can drive them crazy, making big mistakes that cannot be corrected.

No trader is perfect; Any Forex trader can be impulsive at times. For example, research has shown that when people are tired, they have difficulty concentrating and lead to wrong decisions!

When your psychological resources are exhausted, you push yourself to the limit, it will be difficult to focus on your trading plan and stick to it.

Other forex traders can be impulsive because of their lack of experience. You can't execute a trading plan when you don't know what the hell you're doing.

Above are the reasons for yourself, next, we will find out the reasons coming from our trading plan!

2. Due to your trading plan:

When you have an incomplete and unclear market trading plan, you will have difficulty following it.

A trading plan should include clearly defined entry and exit strategies. The signals that indicate how the transaction is going are also very important. Don't underestimate the importance of drawing up a clear trading plan.

The winning trader is a disciplined trader. Disciplinary traders stick with the trading plans. They don't act on impulses.

It is essential that you identify your reasons for impulsive trading. It could be your personality or it could be your trading plan, but whatever it is, you must be aware of these factors and tackle them thoroughly.

Once you control the urge to act on impulse, you will trade with more stable returns.!