1. No good trade setups

Each brother should have a list of trading rules. A quality trading setup is often one that assures both the principle of the method and of the management of the capital for it.

Quality trading setups are often uncommon, as they require many satisfying conditions. So traders need to wait patiently, while at the same time assessing the quality of the setup in which they enter the trade.

2. Unsuitable market conditions

Many traders lose money because they do not know the right market conditions for the method they use. While this is an important factor determining the success or failure of a strategy. That's why you see, there are strategies that must be applied in trending markets, but having strategies that work only well in a sideways market.

When you are entering into a trade, it is necessary to first check if the current market conditions are the ideal conditions for your strategy. If it's not best, you should not trade but stand outside.

3. The market moves sideways with strong volatility

There is also a market that moves sideways with a narrow amplitude. In such cases of large volatility, the execution of any strategy will be difficult, since the direction of the price is unpredictable. So if this is the case, you should also stand outside.

4. The trend is gradually coming to an end

The trend near the end is also an unpredictable time because at that time, the possibility of continuation. The trend is low but it does not represent that the trend will be reversed. Whether it is a forward or reverse trade The trend is very difficult, everything is not clear yet. If trading is involved at this time, the risk of stop loss will be very high. So you should always stand outside.