Slow down, you do not have to rush to risk your real money. The market is not going anywhere. Read many trading books before you start trading. You should spend money learning from the mistakes of others, so you can avoid costly pitfalls and lose money and unnecessary time. A good foundation of trading knowledge is a shortcut to gaining profits. Competence must always come before confidence in any effort or reality will dispel your illusion.

2. Memorizing facts is different from learning to trade. Never estimate the difference between theory and reality. The comfort of knowledge will always be tested by the reality of fear, greed, and ego as you strive to accomplish your goals in the real world.

3. Ask experienced traders the better questions. The key to learning is not the answers you get from knowledgeable people, but starting with the wisdom you ask in questions. Focus on what's most important to profitability and question how you can get the fastest shortcut to reaching that goal. Stay away from things that don't really matter.

4. Get started on creating your own system and stop worrying about what others are doing. Focus on creating a profitable trading system that fits your belief system, time spent, profit expectations, and drawdowns.

5. Make more effort to speed up the learning process. Falling into mistakes will delay the progress towards your goal. Always try to put the right effort and always on the right track.

6. Be realistic with trading. The fastest way to go bankrupt is to get rich quick. 15% -20% annual return is already outstanding for professional traders.

7. If you don't give up and continue to strive in the right direction, only time will take you away from your goals. Your best trading tool is persistence and self-control.