1, Gratitude helps create positive emotions.

Gratitude helps the feelings of pain and regret when experiencing a loss become lighter, helping us to overcome losses better. Grateful that we still have the capital to trade at the next opportunity, that the market is still there, and offers many other opportunities to make profits.

2, Gratitude helps to block negative emotions such as regret, torment, anxiety, anger, fear.

Negative emotions will be lessened, helping traders feel more comfortable, making the drawdowns lighter and easier to overcome.

3, Gratitude helps people recover from stress, stress, and difficulties

Traders who feel grateful after losses will see losses as lessons, rather than what stresses them.

4, Gratitude helps us to cherish ourselves more

If there is gratitude, traders will realize that there is much more to them than the market and the price chart, that they deserve happiness and serenity.

How to have a habit of gratitude?

Simply write down the things and events of the day that make us feel grateful. It could be a gift, something good you did for someone else, or even a simple smile that lifted your spirits.

Be grateful if you still have:

1, 1 wife/husband is there to help and support you

2, 1 roof to cover the head

3, 1 place to sleep at night warm

4, able to find family food and have a delicious dinner

5, relatively healthy and without any serious illness

6, yes the market still exists and gives you a chance to trade tomorrow

7, live

8, friends that you can trust

9, have 1 career to develop yourself

10, married.