Is it possible to make consistent profits?

Many people refer to the figure of profit x percent/day, or x percent/week, it is necessary to affirm that that goal is impossible and impossible to achieve. Why is that? Because the market is random in nature, and in the short term (like days or weeks) that randomness is even stronger. There will be times when the market tends to make a profit, but sometimes it moves sideways or moves continuously, so at that time how to make a profit?

More importantly, in the short term, the results of your win or loss will be very random. Today won but not known tomorrow, this week loses but next week we do not know. We cannot determine the randomness in advance, that is, we cannot make consistent profits by day or week, even by month.

So is it year by year? Absolutely OK.

How to make a consistent profit year by year?

The only way to have consistent returns is to be consistent in all the other aspects of trading.

  1. Be consistent in your preparation for entry
  2. Consistent in daily trading habits
  3. Consistency in market analysis and selection of trading opportunities
  4. Consistency during entry
  5. Consistency in order management
  6. Consistent in the habit of recording transaction logs and re-evaluating transaction performance
  7. Be consistent in drawing lessons from your trading journal and find ways to improve your trading ability.
And if you are consistent in all the aspects of this trading, then the chances of you getting consistent returns over the year are very high.

There is no such thing as a big deal or a secret or a secret in legendary traders. Instead, they have mastered and mastered the small ones, then combined them to succeed.