In any profession nowadays, English is needed, wherever to go to work requires experience and English at all. Especially in this financial field, those who can read and understand English well have an advantage over those who are not good at English.

Most of the good books and documents on securities investment are written in English, if we only read the books in Vietnamese, it will be very lacking because our market is still quite young, new stocks will be imported in about At the beginning of the 21st century, while the world financial market has existed for a very long time, it is certain that all good knowledge is in foreign languages.

Although there are books that have been translated into Vietnamese, that is only a small part because there are many "tips" and good financial knowledge behind the pages of books written in Western, Chinese.

If you want to stick with this profession for a long time, you should equip yourself with a good vocabulary so that you can read and understand what those documents say and there is a very good way to improve your English level. Please read foreign newspapers hard, at first, it will be difficult to google every word but slowly everything will be fine if you are diligent and persistent and when you are good at English you will find everything easier much.


Can't read all the books about Finance so please know how to choose the best and most suitable for you. If you are good at English too, great, there are many options for us to consult and learn. Most investment gurus write and publish, be it knowledge, trading methods, capital management, or psychological topics.

A little advice is that before deciding to buy a book, it is to see how people review it, how to evaluate it, not because the beautiful cover or the title of the book sounds "cries" and then buys back regret. did not make it in time. Reading is not about quantity, but the quality is what should be noticed. You may not need to read too much, only need 20 pages a day, but steadily, you will find your level different after only 1 year.


It would be a mistake to enter orders without going through some news about the world situation, about the market and the company you want to spend money on, or analysis of stocks you care about. There are many websites about market news such as Cafe, Vietstock, VnEconomy, Traderviet or if you want more hot news, you can look to foreign websites such as Forbes, Bloomberg.

These are all websites that give you more information to make better decisions.


It sounds irrelevant, but find that when writing down my thoughts and analysis on paper, can remember longer what you learned and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

You can write on paper or there is a better way that is to write knowledge articles or any topic you feel related to investing in the forum for everyone to exchange and learn. each other and have more knowledge or share with each other.