Try rethinking whether you are using yourself the right way:
  • We want to focus, but we jump from one screen to another, from one activity to another without wanting to miss anything;
  • We want to have confidence, but our emotions and thoughts rise heavily and are hard to hold off whenever something happens;
  • We want to be energetic and seek new opportunities, but we sit for a large time during the day and are inactive;
  • We want to create new and creative ideas, but we are lazy to experience and learn to know new and creative things;
  • We want to be high performers, but barely want to get out of our comfort zone and try something new to get out of danger every day;

Basically, we want success, achievement, and improvement in our journeys, but the way we eat, how we exercise, how we recover and renew ourselves, how we to approach and express all kinds of emotions, and the way we develop our bodies is perfectly normal, if not trivial. Can greatness be achieved if we don't really do new and more challenging things?

The best way to shape our mind is to trigger the body's response to that part of the mind.

Are there any new things below that you have not done to challenge yourself and open the door of consistent profit?
  • Meditate every day to let your mind get rid of your negative emotions, feel more peaceful and focused;
  • Keep a daily trading log to know what you traded that day, good or bad, how can you improve if you are bad, and if you do it can do better or not;
  • Discipline, discipline, discipline. Is there a moment in the day when you don't obey discipline, ask yourself;
  • Evaluate your trading ability periodically and share it with others;
  • Make your profits longer and cut your losses faster;

  • Calculate reasonable volume per trade, reduce the volume until comfortable;
  • Stop predicting the market and start reading price action to enter an order;
  • Reduce the number of redundant indicators and learn to read price action.