Draw on your chart of resistance zones, where prices have repeatedly reversed or reversed. To quote a pro trader "A resistance zone with more reversals is like good wine, the longer the quality". Yes, there are many price zones called #PPZ that always have a reversal every time the price hits.

In an interview with witch trader Peter Brandt, he said that after a few decades of trading, today he finds that horizontal patterns are still effective, but diagonal patterns (like a wedge, isosceles triangle). has decreased efficiency.

Horizontal is the barrier that brothers.

For #PTKT traders, they assume a proposition is "Memory price", meaning that it repeats (not 100% standard) structures over and over again. Because fundamentally, the market is ultimately still controlled by investor/trader greed and fear.

Jesse Livermore

In addition, when everyone pays attention to the highs/lows, it has a "self-perfecting" mentality, which means everyone will act the same at those points, leading to the impact of copper most in the obstructive areas.

Saying so long for you to understand what method you use, the always to do if you are a #PTKT trader is to draw resistance zones on your chart every day and observe price action at that area. The chart patterns at resistance zones are a good signal to trade.

Below is a # gold chart after breaking support. Looks like I should wait for the Last Kiss model by Na.ked to short # gold.