Time in the Supply-Demand area

When the Supply-Demand area was established, there was a large difference between buying and sell orders, the orders were not fully displayed and the price went too fast.

Therefore, these orders are stuck there, leading to the formation of the Supply-Demand area and when the price returns to this area, they will match all those orders, which we are called Market Orders, do not mistakenly think that Limit orders can change the market situation that Market Order has that power.

Basically, so we understand that the larger the difference between Buy and Sell, the more valuable the Supply-Demand area is, the higher the success rate of that order. To determine that difference, we consider the speed of price going and the less time the price is in the Supply-Demand area, the greater the difference and vice versa, the more time the price is in the Supply-Demand area, the more the difference is. it or equilibrium leads to the higher rate of failure of a Buy-Sell order at Supply-Demand.

Time is displayed through candles, so we just need to see how many candles there are in the Supply-Demand area, experience shows that in the Supply-Demand area that has 6 or more candles is the Supply-Demand area. There is no big difference and one needs to exit immediately to avoid sitting "praying". Here are a few real-world cases:

As shown in the chart we see in the Demand area the number of candles and the speed at which the price exits the Demand zone is very fast so we know that the large spread between Buy-Sell and our Buy order in this Demand area has a very high success rate. is high and gives us more facilities to hold orders.

On the other hand, in the Supply Zone, the price has been in the Supply Zone for too long and indicated by small candles that tell us that there is no difference between Buy-Sell, our Sell order in this Supply Zone has a failure rate. very high (or the latch is low), here is the result:

We find that when the price is in the Supply zone for too long, the possibility of this Supply zone will be deleted and the price penetrates the Supply zone, causing Stoploss to stick or the closing is not maximized (although capital management can be used to overcome by selling each part). With so many candles in the Supply zone, there is plenty of time for us to make an exit decision, is it only a matter of realizing it?

After we realize it and make the decision to exit the order, but sometimes the price is in the direction of our analysis, do not let that bother us because when we are 50-50 we have fallen into a state of "praying" without knowing the price. where will go It's better to get out than inside.