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This is an account selling trading signals on the MQL5 side with a signal price of 33 USD per month. Currently, there are 135 people renting this signal, meaning the signal owner earns 4,455 USD without deducting the fee of MQL5. The total amount of money tenants poured into about 72,000 USD.

This account traded 78 orders, won all 77 orders, and lost only 1 order.

The general statistics of the account below show that the account grew beautifully, lost 1 order, but that order lost very badly. 77 orders get 735u, which means less than 10u 1 order, but a loss only takes 700u.

Growth, Balance, and Equity of the account. Very nice and likes eyes. If you give up the last break, it would be perfect. Swallow like Ngoc Trinh at the age of 18.

However, looking at the risk of the account, it is too stunning, the whole range is 30% of the risk. This account would love to tolerate risk abuse

The reason is, see the report immediately, that is, you provide this signal to hit with no stop loss, only take profit. Heavy hole, quick closing profit. 5-7 pips profit range is the stop.

In closing, this is a typical example of a market business, taking profit very quickly to beautify the report, but the loss is crazy because cutting losses will worsen the report, no longer sell signals. However, it must be admitted that this account is very nervous because he kept up to 77-word orders and got caught by the 78th order.

Overall, he sold this signal and made his money from the sell signal. This is a great trader and marketer.